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Give The Gift Of Nature

Limited Run Eco Luxe Christmas Box

Connecting Plants With People

Awaken, nourish, and ignite your self-care journey through the transformative power of ancient plant alchemy.

Mama Milk

An intuitive blend for mothers on their breastfeeding journey traditionally used to nourish and support healthy milk supply while soothing digestion in both mum and baby.

Birth Bloom

Supporting both mother and baby on the final chapter of their journey with ancient herbs of raspberry leaf and nettle, traditionally used for their tonic effect on the womb.

The Mini

All Your Favourites In Mini


Mama Milk [Organic Tea Mini]$21.00

Nursing & Nurture Blend Mama Milk is an intuitive blend for mothers on their breastfeeding journey. An organic bl...

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Dream Leaves [Organic Tea]$36.00

Sleep & Serenity Blend Dream Leaves is your bedtime hug; it's calm, soothing, floral and delicate. A combination ...

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Inner Cleanse [Organic Tea Refill]$34.00

Detox & Radiance Blend A purifying blend that strengthens and nourishes, bringing harmony back to the body by gen...

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Our Philosophy

Ancient Botanical Wisdom

Our tonics are created under the guidance of ancient botanical medicine, applying thousands of years worth of anecdotal and traditional evidence to each formulation.

Naturopathic Insight

Our mission is to bridge the gap between ancient healing traditions and modern-day wellness. We're creating the tools you need to live a healthy balanced, and harmonious lifestyle.

Whole Body Wellness

We are devoted to creating potent and synergistically harmonious remedies that awaken, nourish and strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

Conscious Sustainability

We believe in being kind to the earth as well as our bodies. It's important to us that our collection reflects this way of life, and we create meaningful products that have minimal impacts on the environment. 


Pure Warmth

We absolutely loved drinking our Rose Cocoa Chai...we just ordered our second batch! It’s super grounding and we really found it to be the perfect pick me up or soothing tea right when we needed it. I am especially loving it during these cooler mornings and find myself choosing it over coffee (which is a big deal for me!). Highly recommend and it’s also a beautiful gift idea..

Natalie H // Rose Cacao Chai

My skin is glowing!!!

I've been drinking a cup of your Inner Cleanse tea daily for a couple months now in attempt to clear my cystic acne and I cannot believe how much of it has already cleared! It's healed so much and I just have a couple spots left - and this is after years of trying anything I could get my hands on!!! Thank you!!! I really love the earthy, but sweet flavour too! I've just stocked up on my second jar and can't wait to see the results!

Nicola M // Inner Cleanse

Warming to the soul!

I can't believe this tea doesn't have any reviews yet! It's incredible! A friend gifted me a jar for my birthday (such beautiful jars too!) and it was just so delicious. The lemon and ginger zesty taste really makes you feel like your whole soul is being nourished - and it so good as an ice tea too! I live in QLD so I'll be making this all summer long! Thank you!

Ellie // Winter Solstice


Having trouble sleeping, I look for non-caffeinated teas that I can drink before bed. This one is a must. Love this tea so much, wonderful blend, the flavours combine to give you a feeling of relaxation and good sleep.
I also really like the jars, they are so easy to open and close plus keeps the tea nice and fresh.

Dora S // Alleviate Tonic

Restful indeed

This tea came recommended by a friend, saying it helped them calm immensely before bed. They were not joking - a few sips of this delightful tea in the evening and I feel calm and ready to snooze! As a bonus, it tastes absolutely fabulous.
A truly wonderful tea. I’m looking forward to trying more teas from the range!

Isabel // Dream Leaves

Great Natural Medicine

I have never been a “tea person” but I think I’m a converted after coming across this blend. One of my colleagues offered it to me since I was going through a bad cold and the effects of just one tea cup a day have been very noticeable, not only I’m able to breath normally but it helped me stop coughing at night which allowed me to have better sleep. Upon opening the very well-presented container, the first thing you’ll notice is the intense fragrance with soothing effect. I can’t recommend it enough!

David C // Alleviate Tonic

Yummy Water

The tea is amazing. I got the rejuvenate and love it ... my older son says that it is "yummy water" :)

Eva L // Hibiscus Mint

Blown Away!

From the first sip I felt warmth and serenity flow through me! A beautiful blend of calming ingredients, that smell and taste amazing! The quality of packaging, ingredients, speed of delivery, and friendly nature of both Nicole and Ben are sure to have me back for more when I run out!

James // Dream Leaves

Amazing Tea

I tried this tea and it helped with sleep so well. I've also given it to my son who had a blocked nose and it helped him sleep through the night. The smell and taste of this tea is so good and it's so refreshing. Definitely a must buy!

Li S // Alleviate Tonic