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Grounded In Plant Medicine

A curated apothecary of plant tonics & self care rituals.

Customer Love

I've been drinking a cup of your Inner Cleanse tea daily for a couple months now in attempt to clear my cystic acne and I cannot believe how much of it has already cleared! It's healed so much and I just have a couple spots left - and this is after years of trying anything I could get my hands on!!! Thank you!!! I really love the earthy, but sweet flavour too! I've just stocked up on my second jar and can't wait to see the results!

This tea is stunning!! The best flavour. Ground has really helped my hormones remain that little bit calmer while coming to the end of peri menopause. A cup after meals is so relaxing and also really helps those sugar cravings. If you like a chai latte, you will love this. Very yummy!!

This tea (Dream Leaves) came recommended by a friend, saying it helped them calm immensely before bed. They were not joking - a few sips of this delightful tea in the evening and I feel calm and ready to snooze! As a bonus, it tastes absolutely fabulous. A truly wonderful tea. I’m looking forward to trying more teas from the range!

I tried this tea (Alleviate Tonic) and it helped with sleep so well. I've also given it to my son who had a blocked nose and it helped him sleep through the night. The smell and taste of this tea is so good and it's so refreshing. Definitely a must buy!

The tea is amazing. I got the rejuvenate (Hibiscus Mint) and love it ... my older son says that it is "yummy water" :)

Having trouble sleeping, I look for non-caffeinated teas that I can drink before bed. This one is a must (Alleviate Tonic). Love this tea so much, wonderful blend, the flavours combine to give you a feeling of relaxation and good sleep. I also really like the jars, they are so easy to open and close plus keeps the tea nice and fresh.

Potent Wellness

Our botanical blends combine herbs, roots and flowers based on traditional plant synergy ensuring each tonic contains potent healing and energetic properties. 

100% Vegan

100% Organic, natural ingredients

Gentle, non-toxic formulas

Small batch, hand made blends

Intentionally created healing tonics - combining synergistic properties to maximise medicinal benefits

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Sustainably Produced

As part of a conscious lifestyle, we believe in being kind to the earth as well as our bodies.

Our elegant amber glass jars that are refillable and recyclable.

We created these with consideration for their after life, our hope is that you might like to keep these beautiful vessels to use around the home for other purposes such as in the kitchen, bathroom or as a vase for some pretty blooms.

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