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7 Herbs For The Anxious Mind

Posted by Nicole Braithwaite on
herbs for the anxious mind

The anxious mind can present itself in many ways. Sometimes it's a worrying overactive mind at night, somedays we find ourselves stuck in a negative feedback loop, there are days when it stops us from accomplishing the simplest of tasks, and sometimes we just feel its presence weighing down on us. This emotional rollercoaster affects most of us daily, myself included.

We can do many things to support our mental health, such as diet change, time, perspective, gratitude, and movement. Introducing gentle herbs to nourish your emotional wellness is a beautiful way to support your mental health. Calming and uplifting herbs have a fantastic way of bringing warmth and light to your mind, body and soul where darkness may be creeping in.

Did you know that herbs also have unique actions and energies? This helps you to personalise your herb choice to suit your sense of self.

Here are a few of my favourite herbs for the anxious mind!
Herbs For The Anxious Mind


Ashwagandha ⁠⁠
A very gentle stress supporting adaptogen & nervine (calming) herb, often used for moderate-severe anxiety.
Best for:
⟶ Calming nerves or feeling strung out.⁠
⟶ Insomnia, related to tension or racing thoughts at night.
Probably my favourite nervine (calming) herb! Best taken as a tea before bed.
Best for:
⁠⁠⁠⟶ Insomnia & restlessness. Promotes peace of mind and has sedative properties easing tension/anxiety/ panic attacks.⁠⁠
⟶ Quietens inner dialogue, racing thoughts and tension.⁠⁠
⟶ Works best on those who are exhausted, adrenally fatigued or feeling fragile. ⁠⁠

Lemon Balm⁠⁠
My second favourite calming herb! Has a yummy light mint taste in tea.
⟶ Uplifting to the mind & spirit.⁠⁠
⟶ Soothes anxiety, nervousness & depression.⁠⁠
⟶ Supports healthy sleep and tension. ⁠⁠

The most beautiful smelling nervine tonic for anxiety, bringing balance to emotional disruption, clearing thoughts and enhancing mood.⁠⁠⁠
⟶ Nervine tonic for anxiety, insomnia, depression.⁠⁠
⟶ Works by bringing calm, clear thoughts to mind and eases tense situations.⁠⁠
⟶ Uplifting and supports emotional balance.

Known to many, gentle chamomile soothes the mind, calms the tummy (feel that stomach tense when anxious thoughts flitter in? That's your gut-brain connection. Calming herbs often nourish both the mind and gut. ⁠⁠
Best for:
⟶ Stomach tension related to stress.⁠⁠

⟶ Supports anxiety from chronic stress and nervous body tension. ⁠⁠
⟶ Supports anxiety from exhaustion.⁠⁠
⟶ Calms restless energy and promotes deep sleep.⁠⁠

A sooting spice herb that relaxes your nervous system.
Best For:
⟶ Uplifting your spirit and mood.⁠⁠

If you are looking for a gentle tonic for stress/sleeplessness or anxiety, my Dream Leaves blend contains Passionflower, Lemon Balm & Lavender, along with other nervines. Depending on your state, I suggest brewing the tea for at least 10-15 minutes if wanting a more substantial effect.

Nicole x 


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