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Rejuvenate Blend Loose Leaf Tea
Hibiscus Mint Loose Leaf Tea Blend
Rejuvenate Blend Loose Leaf Tea
Hibiscus Mint Loose Leaf Tea Blend


Hibiscus Mint | Loose Leaf Rejuvenate Blend


500ml Amber Glass Jar | 65 Serves of Loose Leaf Tea

Created to refresh, energise and restore vitality to the body, Hibiscus Mint is the perfect brew for a coffee alternative pickup. Uplifting properties of peppermint, combined with hibiscus and rose, restore vibrance and mental clarity, while soothing the digestive system and supporting blood circulation.

Supportive Of

Skin, Hair & Immune Health

Cognitive Function & Energy

~ Digestive, Blood, Heart & Liver Health

Healthy Metabolism & Circulation

Key Botanicals

Peppermint | Mentha piperita

High in volatile oils, vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids, peppermint has been used since ancient times. Traditionally used to fight off viral infections with its antimicrobial and decongestant properties, peppermint is also a known stimulant that supports mental clarity and physical energy levels. Nourishing and calmative to the nervous system, this aromatic herb can reduce muscle tension, spasms, anxiety and headaches. Its antispasmodic properties can ease stomach upset and promote healthy digestive function

Hibiscus | Hibiscus sabdariffa

Rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, hibiscus has been traditionally used to strengthen the immune system, fight infections, alleviate congestion and reduce inflammatory conditions. It has been shown to support cardiovascular health, promote blood circulation, reduce fluid retention and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Regular consumption of hibiscus tea can restore healthy skin and hair, increase metabolism, support gradual weight loss and restore vital energy levels.

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Certified Organic: Hibiscus, Peppermint and Red Rose Petals. Naturally Caffeine Free.

Featured in Sportluxe 2019 article "Still Tired In the Morning? Here's Why & What To Do About It".


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+ Are all of your products Vegan & Cruelty Free?

Yes and yes! All our products come from the earth making them naturally vegan, and we are animal lovers here at Kintonik!

+ Are your teas certified organic?

Our delicious handcrafted blends are made using only certified organic ingredients. We work with a variety of Australian based suppliers to ensure our product contains only the highest quality ingredients. However, our blends overall have not been certified by an organic organisation.  

+ Do your products contain any chemicals, preservatives or fillers?

No, you won't find any nasties here! All our products are free from pesticides, preservatives, additives and chemicals. Our products only contain natural, organic ingredients - just 100% pure nature - NO fillers!

+ Are your products suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women?

As every mama to be is unique and reacts differently, we recommend that if you are pregnant or breast-feeding that you consult with your midwife or practitioner as to whether the ingredients used in our tea are suitable for you during this time.

+ Are your products suitable for specific health conditions?

Our loose leaf teas have been made to support and nourish your daily wellbeing. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If you have a known health condition or taking any medication, please consult with your healthcare practitioner to ensure our products are suitable for you.

+ Why does my batch look different?

Each blend is lovingly handmade in small batches, ensuring the quality of each product. However, as our teas are natural, organic and free from nasties, it's not uncommon for ingredient batches to vary a little from our suppliers. We work closely with our sources to ensure the purity of each ingredient, making sure every blend is supportive and nourishing. If you have any concerns about your blend, please contact us at

+ Are your products and packaging recyclable?

Our amber glass jars are 100% recyclable and more importantly reusable! Our shipping boxes, bio-fill fillers and kraft wrapping are also 100% recyclable and reusable. The Bio-Fill fillers can also be dissolved in water!

Our Philosophy
Each element of the Kintonik range is designed with the intention of contributing to a slow, meaningful and conscious lifestyle. Behind the collection are three guiding principles that inform everything we do, that we believe are the foundation of living well.

Nature Based Wellness

The time honoured philosophy of plant medicine guides the creation of our all-natural, organic blends. All of our ingredients are completely unrefined, using whole plants and flowers making them generally safer, and more effective in delivering benefits to the body. You can see this in our tea blends - full heads of chamomile, nettle leaves and rose petal, a beautiful reminder that these elements have come directly from nature. 

In plant medicine, formulas are constructed based on the notion of plant synergy - combining complementary ingredients that work together to enhance each other's active benefits. The result is a gentle, yet active blend that is incredibly potent and supportive to the body’s optimal functioning. For thousands of years, we have had a symbiotic relationship with the earth and looked to it for these naturally occurring remedies. We hope to encourage a rediscovery of these methods, and newfound respect for the magic of mother nature.

Self Care

We wholeheartedly believe that wellness begins within. Often we can miss the simple cues that our body gives us when it is needing support, which is why we believe the wellness puzzle is not complete without the practise of mindfulness.

Our products are intended to become your cherished daily rituals that allow you to slow down, reflect and reconnect with yourself. On each of our jars we describe the benefits of the product through words of affirmation, to enrich your self care ritual and act as a reminder of what you are giving back to your body. The mind - body connection is a powerful thing, and focusing on these words during your mindfulness practice helps to call in the energies you wish to embody.

Whenever you experience the products we invite you to slow down, quiet the mind and turn all of your focus within. Take a breath and enjoy the moment to tune into your senses. Our health outside is a direct reflection of what is inside, and without putting this internal state first we can’t achieve optimal wellness.

Made With Intention

As part of a conscious lifestyle, we believe in being kind to the earth as well as our bodies. It’s important to us that our collection reflects this way of life, and that we create meaningful products that have minimal impacts on the environment. Our blends are crafted in small batches - no mass manufacturing or excess production whatsoever. Each product is made intentionally by hand, a personal blend created just for you.

This level of care extends to the vessels that carry our blends, we deliberately selected elegant amber glass jars that are refillable and recyclable. We created these with consideration for their after life, our hope is that you might like to keep these beautiful vessels to use around the home for other purposes such as in the kitchen, bathroom or as a vase for some pretty blooms.

Conscious Creations

Our collection is grounded in plant medicine and remedies from mother nature. Each formulation is mindfully created to nourish and support your internal wellbeing, blending unrefined ingredients from nature that are full of healing and energetic properties. We proudly craft every product by hand, meaning everything is made mindfully, especially for you.