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Tia Miers | Adrenal Energy Support


Adrenal Energy Support

Formulated by local Gold Coast Naturopath Tia Miers to improve and boost energy production. Enjoy this nourishing, fresh peppermint flavour daily to support energy production or use it as a pre-workout.


Stir 2x teaspoons into a glass of water once per day (before or after exercise) OR add to a smoothie/gym shaker.

Active Ingredients:

Withania: is a powerful adaptogen herb that may improve cellular energy levels by supporting the adrenal glands + building stress resilience. Ashwagandha may also enhance physical performance and promotes mental clarity.

Siberian ginseng: may combat fatigue and restore energy to the body. Its adaptogenic versatility may hold promise to achieve enhanced physical and mental performance. 

Lion's mane mushroom: A potent anti-oxidant that regenerates and enhances cellular health + energy. It is a known neuro-protector and enhances the communication capacity of brain cells, translating into improved memory, concentration and mental clarity. 

Magnesium: Plays an important role in the production of ATP (energy). It is highly effective in enhancing physical performance and supporting muscle recovery. Magnesium may also display benefits in calming and nourishing the nervous system.

B vitamins: Enhance cellular energy production, improve the bodies response to stress and restore nutrient levels. 

Vitamin D: Supports muscle function of the body, enhances mitochondria activity and boosts immunity.

Zinc: An important nutrient required for the production of cellular energy. Zinc also supports the immune system, helping to combat infection.

L-glutamine: Supports digestion by reducing inflammation within the intestinal tract and enhances nutrient absorption. 

Iodine: An important co-factor required for thyroid function and a healthy metabolism. 

Peppermint: Enhances mood, motivation and digestion. 

Butterfly pea powder: A potent anti-oxidant that reduces cellular damage and skin ageing. 

No fillers. No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Vegan friendly. 


Adrenal Energy Support is contained in amber glass jars.

Formulated Sport Food Supplement:

This product is unsuitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women.

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