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About Us

We invite you to slow down. Take a breath. Reconnect.  

Kintonik is a modern apothecary of plant-based formulas designed to support daily wellbeing as part of a conscious lifestyle. To us, wellness is a holistic pursuit - our intention is to guide you to find moments and rituals that allow you to reconnect with yourself. By slowing down and making space to look within, we can often find the answers to modern ailments and stressors, unlocking the keys to living a balanced and well lifestyle.
Our collection is grounded in plant medicine and remedies from mother nature. Each formulation is mindfully created to nourish and support your internal wellbeing, blending unrefined ingredients from nature that are full of healing and energetic properties. We proudly craft every product by hand, meaning everything is made mindfully, especially for you.
Connection with self and our surroundings drives everything we do, which is how we arrived at the name Kintonik. Blending the notion of community and family (kin) with reference to healing tonics, perfectly describes our purpose - to provide daily nourishment to our friends and family so that we can all feel supported from the inside out.
Our philosophy is to offer you more than just products, we hope that our creations become dearly loved daily rituals that support you on your journey to wellness.
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Organic, natural ingredients
  • Gentle, non-toxic formulas
  • Small batch, hand made blends
  • Intentionally created healing tonics - combining synergistic properties to maximise medicinal benefits