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Meet Nicole

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Nicole — Mama, Wife and founder of Kintonik.

I believe wellness is a holistic pursuit and an ongoing journey towards a healthy balanced, and harmonious lifestyle. It is a lifestyle choice encompassing internal whole-body health, mind and spirit and our external relationship with our environment, making a conscious effort towards living authentically and advantageously.

For almost a decade, I have been living and learning within the realm of holistic wellness and plant medicines; however, it was, in fact, my journey into motherhood that ignited a profound shift within me. An intuitive calling to invite the use of ancient botanicals into my pregnancy and postpartum journey. A sacred time to slow down and remove myself from the fast-paced and chaotic lifestyle I lived. 

I began weaving the natural magic of plant rituals into my daily routine, from loose leaf teas to ceremonial cacaos and adaptogens. Through these simple daily rituals, I began to feel my body, mind, and spirit return to a sense of balance and harmony while navigating my postpartum journey.

As a mother, we give everything we've got without holding back — it's a beautiful and extraordinary journey with equal parts unconditional love and exhaustion. 

There is often so much support during birth and the first six weeks postpartum with a hyper-focus on bubs health and wellness that often the Mother puts herself second. My mission is to create clean, safe and nourishing rituals designed explicitly to nurture the Mother's needs and remind her just how incredible and deserving she is of a little self-care.

Nicole x